What is Close the Deal?

Close the Deal is an international Competition where students compete in formulating and presenting real-life mergers and acquisitions deals. Featuring mentorship and guidance from current and former Investment Bankers including the Director of the competition, Paris de l’Etraz P.h.D, participants work over a semester leading to a final pitch in front of Investment Banking, Management Consultants, and Private Equity Professionals.

Not only are students provided with the knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to originate a business through sessions during the semester, but students can also build their international network with professionals and likeminded students through exclusive groups, events, and guest speakers.


Our Mission

We create the next generation of originators, people who can see value where others have failed to do so, and then use negotiation and skills to bring two companies together. 

We want to mentor and develop students' technical and interpersonal skills, including expanding all participants global networks and knowledge of deal advisory, to better prepare students for their future careers in any field of study.

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