When is it happening?

Can I take part in Close the Deal?

Close the Deal is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at any university from around the world.

Where will it take place?

Close the Deal will be hosted fully online for the remainder of 2021.

Is finance experience required?

Close the Deal requires no previous finance experience, it represents a unique opportunity for students to get a start in the business of Origination of deals in M&A, VC, PE and even management consulting projects

What is the standard team size?

There can be a maximum of 7 members in a team. A team size of 3-4 members is recommended.

How will the teams be divided?

You can enter into the competition as a complete team or part of a team. If your team requires any more members or you applied individually, we will help you get matched according to your industry and geographic preferences.

Can I form a team with my friends?

Yes, you can enter as a team into the competition. If your team requires more members, we will help you allocate further members to your team based on industry and geographic preference.

What does it mean to become an Originator?

M&A origination is about employing your contacts, entrepreneurial ideas, and interpersonal skills like no other task in finance. You don’t need finance skills to start with; instead, your job as an originator is to see value where others have failed to do so, and then use your negotiating skills to bring two companies together. Creating and brokering a business deal is no easy task, but one that is usually rewarded with a generous origination fee.

What if our team could not originate a deal?

Carrying out a real M&A opportunity through a live deal is no easy task, and it is understandable most teams will fall short of this goal. Nevertheless, these teams will still have generated a potential/theoretical opportunity, which creates value for businesses and banks alike. The jury wants to see how you look at an industry and develop opportunities.

How do I add team members?

Every team member must fill out an application form. If the competition had begun and registration is closed, you can request the addition of team members by emailing iefocusfinance@closethedeal.info and inform us that they wish to enroll in the competition.

What do we learn in technical sessions?

In the technical sessions you will learn the skill of M&A origination: how to approach companies and try to win buy/sell mandates, how to write teasers/executive summaries, the M&A process, how to negotiate with companies, dealing with family run businesses and much more.

What will my pitch include?

Your pitch will comprise of in-depth industry research on an industry of your choice, leading to a target and acquirer/seller recommendation.

How will teams be selected for the final pitch?

Teams will be assessed on the quality of orgination (i.e. how robust and original your proposed M&A deal is). Teams will be selected for the finals by submitting their presentions (10-15 slides in length). A panel of assessors from IE University and external organizations will review all presentations and determine which teams progress to the live finals.

What if my team members aren’t responding?

Contact iefocusfinance@closethedeal.info regarding any team issues. We will be able to reach out to your team members and confirm whether they would like to remain in the competition.

How do I move teams?

Contact iefocusfinance@closethedeal.info. We will attempt to allocate you a new team based on your initial geographic and industry preference, however this cannot be guaranteed.